How to snaffle Advent Calendar Chocolate - one to give away

>>  Sunday, November 18, 2012

My dad was the King of the sweet and chocolate snafflers.  He could eat a whole box of chocolates without us even realising it had been opened.  Very careful lower access to a product and it is safe from see it, eat it children.  I was taught by the master.

Take this Hotel Chocolat advent calender I did, from them for example.  Now any amateur snaffler will open doors and attempt to reclose them, leaving tell tale creases.  No, no, no. The key is always rear access as the actress said to the Bishop

I had intended to show the mini Santa that was in day 1 but I ate his head.
In fact it took me to well crafted chocolate piece number 5 to get a whole one snapped.  No self control you see.  I have mentioned this before

But whilst this debonair advent calendar screams quality, good taste and control at all those who see it sat on the well heeled shelf...inside it screams the truth: The greatest chocolate snaffler on earth struck again.

Yes the one that once she's half a bottle of wine down and PMS is knocking on the door cannot look at an advent calendar without resorting to finishing it off

If you would like a Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar of your very own (to snaffle or share) then leave me a comment telling me whether you are a sharer or a snaffeler and make sure you leave a twitter or email address for me to contact you by Thursday the 22rd November and COG will pick one of you at random out of a hat.

*The draw was a randomly picked number by a random twitter follower : The number picked was number 4 who was @penguin2005- her chocolate is winging it's way to her and I will be hidden in the wrapping ready to snaffle without being noticed!


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