The Melee Starts

>>  Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oh, Ok I don't actually mean melee at all but it feels like it right now.

Yet again, my life has turned true blue.  Just when I thought there was no more room to squeeze in another drop of Guiding, I was wrong.

Do you recall the story of the science teacher who fills a glass with golf balls, and then adds pebbles and then adds sand and finally pours in the coffee?   Well I've reached the coffee level more.

 The first planning meeting for the international trip I am doing in the summer happened.
We have to start planning.  I seem to be spending most of my evenings writing letters to people for help of some sort. 

But COG and a number of my Rangers are also fund raising for a completely different international trip. So this week I have spent 4 evenings either writing, meeting, baking or selling.
Busy, busy, busy....oh yes, someone decided Christmas has to bloody happen again this year so I have that to juggle into the mix that was already my sand filled cup........
please someone send me coffee.
Oh and if you want to buy advertising space, guest blog space, my soul, it's all for sale in the name of international trip fund raising....get in quick though because once these trips are over I am...I am....I am.....probably moving straight onto the next manic event....did someone just remind me I've got a weekend in London with the Brownies in the spring....
please send a jug of coffee.


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