Teenager chores win:win

>>  Friday, October 26, 2012

Will you do the floors for me honey before x-factor, if you do it'll cover the £3 you  owe me from earlier.

I'd rather not, I'll pay you out of my pocket money

That seems like a reasonable discussion except I'd got the clean the floors as well as the other jobs I'd got planned.

'honey would you mind calling grandma to see if I can take that box up to her, I'd do it myself but I'm doing the floor'
'honey would you open the side gate and bring the plants through for me, I would do it but it might be dark when I've finished the floors'
'would you fetch the next load of washing down for me, I'd get it but I'm still mopping'

OH started to laugh, he could see exactly what was going on. She got rightly frustrated by him laughing.

I refused to tell her why until later. She fetched me her £3 and then told her she'd still done the chores but had paid me £3 for the privilege.

'no worries, I'm happy with that, I just didn't want to do the floor, would you like me to come to a grandmas with you'


I wonder how much longer all this happy family can last, surely the teenage hormones must kick in soon. Oh hang on, the penny has just dropped. I'll be taking odds on what she is after

1) restart riding lessons 12:1
2) new DS.                     7:1
3) highlights.                   3:1
4) iPad for Xmas.             Evens


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