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>>  Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm so busy at the moment, I still haven't caught my tail.

OH is no calmer, but he isn't making life easy for himself.  At the start of the week he called me quite early evening to say he was close to home, Rugby infact so he could have made it in time to eat with me, except his car was in Tamworth.  Another train to be caught and then a drive back home.  I really didn't bother to ask why he was at the wrong station, c'est la vie and all that...except he called later in the week to say he was on a train to Leicester which also was precisely where his car wasn't and once he had caught another train to where his car was he would then drive home.  In fairness he has probably travelled around 1500 miles on the train this week but it does help to remember what part of the country you left your car in dear.

I have been careful about my baby steps back into exercise.  I went out for a run on one of my old dark night routes.  I was checking the distance and time fairly regularly but was having those 'is that all I have done' moments.  I was sure it was more than a 3k run but hey-ho I decided I was ok to keep up a good pace as I wasn't going too far.  It was only after I got home I realised my phone was set to miles!  Still at least it shows I haven't lost my fitness levels too much and my couch to 5k evening....whoops!

I took COG clothes shopping one evening after work as we have won a family photo shoot. I entered a competition at a craft fayre.  This 'free' shoot has of course cost us all in new outfits!  Oddly at the clothes shops I appear to have stepped back 35 years in time.  The New Look clothes designer clearly couldn't be bothered to do any work all summer, with feet up in front of the sport. At the last minute they grabbed the 1975 folder from the back of the cabinet and blew the dust off it.  Of course I know I can't actually stand in the shop and admit to having seen all this first time around, it's a bit of an age give away....although probably not quite as much as me walking around the shoes singing "That's neat, that's neat, I really love your tiger feet" and insisting that COG 'do the bump' Before y'all run off to Google, it was Kenny.

We managed to get all (but one) of the Rangers to turn up at Guides and run the Wide Games night.  Egg towers, flour, oil, custard, tomatoes, fish paste, paddling pool, ping pong balls, nerf guns, ice-cream...yep, they all had a ball!  I like mixed sectional events.  It provides an opportunity to give younger girls great role models, the Rangers did a fantastic job of it.  We've got some great girls right now, unfortunately we aren't getting the new younger ones through the door, they don't seem to want to leave Guides. Hopefully this will help convince the oldest Guides that should have long moved on, to finally make that step.


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