The Dead Fauna Collection

>>  Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This week's Gallery is 'Frightful' and I've been struggling with what to share.  But I have decided it is time to out my frightfully macabre pastime of photographing dead fauna.

Fox : I suspect this one had been shot, not hit by a car.

Magpie: The number of birds that just seem to drop out of the sky always surprises me.

Blackbird: I suspect this one was hit by a car.

Starling: another middle of nowhere bird.

 Vole (I think) : by the canal.
Badger: there are a lot of them around here, a huge number, almost to problem proportions I suspect.
Badger's tail.

I am almost sure this is badger after the crows have had a good go at it.

It's quite difficult taking these photos, putting aside the need to stand down wind, you get very odd looks and most road kill is destroyed to unrecognisable very quickly by cars or crows.  The golden day there was a bloated dead sheep floating down the canal I hadn't got a camera on me (or a phone), I think I must be one of the few people that hopes the opportunity arises again some day!


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