Look, I'm about to not answer your question

>>  Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm a glutton for punishment and I listen to politicians being interviewed on the radio throughout a lot of my work commute.  If you're into S&M, you too can tune into Radio 4 in the mornings.

All (and I do mean ALL) politicians seemed to have picked up on the fact that the best way to throw a listener off the scent of a closed question is to start it 'Look'

For example:

"do you eat eggs for breakfast?"
A simple closed question, the answer should start Yes or No.

"Yes I eat eggs or breakfast" or "no I don't." Simples. You might possibly push it to "I sometimes do". Actually, a politicians would never say "sometimes I do" if they can stick a twist in an answer.  The stock politician answer would be

"Look..........occasionally eating eggs for breakfast, and remember they were left on the table by the last administration, is something that must be considered as needing to be necessary in order to get us out of the residual breakfast leftovers that we inherited, so it is fair to be discussing egg eating after waking from a deep sleep, whether that applies to post a light sleep is something that isn't yet legislated for for, I am committed to finding the best possible eating solution and applying that at the appropriate time"

Look says neither yes nor no and providing it has a lengthy pause after it, followed by a convoluted speech that ducks and dives a bit, nobody will have a clue whether you were answering in the positive or negative.  Well not without dissecting the statement sentence by sentence or even clause by clause and to be quite frank when I start to want to do that I think I may actually have lost the will to live.

"do you think you will carry on blogging K?"
"Look......blogging in its rawest form can have a healthy take on any lifestyle despite the technological difficulties being carried over from previous decisions, the legacy of which will continue to affect the future should the most appropriate decision at the time be along those lines"
"So, you are saying you will continue for now?"
"Look....there is a past history of the blog that presides and looking forwards could be seen to influence decisions that may be forced upon us in the entities existence period."
"was that a yes?"

and so the non-answer rolls on.


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