Brightening a wall

>>  Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My living room wall has needed a lift for a while, much like my 'where the hell is summer' spirit.  So a hot, clear day at the beach is exactly what I needed to bring us (me and my Shirley Valentine wall) back to life. 
City beach is the beach we always go to on our last day in Perth, I've no idea why it always seems to happen that way, we don't plan it.  I do love it there though.

This 20 x28 inch photo on canvas of City Beach is now greeting me each day. The size and quality of the print means I can feel the movement in the waves and it draws me into the picture.  To be quite honest, it makes me feel happy.  This is a good thing.

I have done a full review of HelloCanvas over here but if you are tempted to get a photo on canvas then I recommend them  over both Snapfish and Photobox.  Why?  Because I didn't manage to break their website,  and I usually find the bugs in most of them.  There are real people sat behind it too, ready to help you.
Have a look at this though, it's from their website but I'm going to have a go at one of these, I love it and sat in a floating frame too. I'll share with you when I've found the right photo to do it with.

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