Hard Hitting and Camouflage

>>  Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I don't do delicate. Fragile, yes, and prone to tears, often, but not the soft vulnerable delicate that conjures up the image of a gauze lensed Marilyn Munroe.

I've had too many years of being independent.  From a very young age with full time working and sick parents, through an early marriage with no money, DIY skills to be proud of, building a professional career without any formal qualifications, divorce, single parenting....it all makes a girl, well, less delicate!  Hardened to the world perhaps.

So to produce a picture for the Gallery theme 'Delicate' is hard for me.  Photos of flowers and butterflies leave me a bit cold really.

So I thought I might add a touch of me.
Oh, ok, I'll play ball but you know I like a good illusion. So can you spot the butterfly?

Now it's a little easier.


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