Size 6 is Plus Size.

>>  Friday, July 06, 2012

I love these pictures from Plus Model Magazine but they were taken with a serious point to make.

In the modelling world size 6 is now considered plus size.  But the average size of a women is size 14.
So the average model now weighs 23% less than the average women.  No wonder they look like they could do with a good feed.

Our children think this is right and normal.  We know they are playing with our minds, we know it's all screwed up but it's still happening, still affecting us and our kids.

How do we ever become confortable with normal, healthy and, lets be honest, sexy when we are faced with the never ending media myths.

What I'm still failing to understand is that why when most men prefer a women with a bit of junk in that trunk do they keep sending the ice-cream wafer sized ones down the run way? 


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