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>>  Sunday, June 17, 2012

We are so blessed in my County with a great commissioner so full of energy and motivation and she seems to inspire her leaders forever onwards.

Today we had as many Queens Guides as they could muster in our county at a big get together to celebrate their achievement.  There were 160 from many generations.  Some ladies there received their awards in the 1940s. (A couple of Queens Scouts sneaked in too but we won't mention that!)

It was a lovely afternoon of displays, tea, scones, bands, presentations and the UK Chief Guide Gill Slocombe came to join in and make some new presentations too.

The Queens Guide is a hard award to work for, it takes a lot of time, effort and dedication.  Every person there that had achieved it had every right to celebrate and feel very proud. 
I was never Queens Guide material in my teens and I'm not sure I could pass now but I am very fortunate in having some great Guiding blue blood friends who did get the award and one chose to take me along as her guest.

What today has done for me though is make me realise it is my responsibility as a Ranger Leader to make sure the girls coming through me now get the opportunity to tackle this award if they want to. I need to be able to support them though it and this will be quite a challenge in itself.  Being a Senior Section leader is a serious challenge compared to a Brownie Leader. I hope I am up to the job.

I look at leaders like our last County Commissioner and wish I had her grace and style. Our current County Commissioner is one of the most motivating people I have ever met, I am just totally in awe of these ladies and aspire to be half the leader they are.

I wonder if I'll finally have it wrapped just at the point where I'm herded off to Trefoil!


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