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>>  Monday, June 18, 2012

Girlguiding UK is the largest youth organisation for girls in the UK today.  There are half a million young members aged four to 25.  And you'll also know from listening to me that there aren't always enough leaders to go around.

So if you would like your daughter to experience what at least 400,000 Rainbows, Brownies and Guides already enjoy then you probably need to get her name down somewhere as 'interested' fairly early.

That has just become easier.  There is now a central area on-line

Go to the 'register interest' box and follow the steps.  This will help you find the units closest to where you would like your daughter to attend, whether that's near home, school or Grandma's house.   

This is a new system so if for any reason you don't get a response back please ring your local County Office.  Simply type GirlGuidingUK and your county name into a search engine and you should find your way to a phone number.  They will be able to tell you who your local unit leader is and how to contact them.

If you're really lucky there won't be a waiting list, but I'll give you a top-tip, sometimes numbers are restricted because of the number of adults helping, not because of a maximum number of children in a unit, if you offer to become a regular helper you might find a door opens.

And once the Guiding door opens, oh, the places you can go.........

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