Microsdiscectomy Post Operative Relapse 2 (week 18)

>>  Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's been a hard week. I was fine whilst I was in London, very very careful, and I rested well leading up to it. The problems started after I returned.

The moment I returned from London, I had to immediately bake a cake ready for camp the next day (I had tried to explain to the Guide Guiders I was struggling - they do not listen), so no rest  afterwards. I had to help daughter carry her camp stuff and drive her there, then I was dispatched to buy a bag of potatoes by the Guide Guiders..more driving and more weight to carry. The next day was work and because I'm time short, no lunch break, so no walk. Straight onto a joint units campfire where I was bending and stretching to run bingo (because of the rain) and moved a coat rack to get to a cleaning cupboard to help clear up Rainbow vomit.  Work without a walk break again (because my break was driving HWMBO to the train station), a long drive to a tennis match where I stood/sat cold for 3 hours plus with  HWMBO away (as he tends to be this time of year) I'm doing the jobs I would try to nag him to do normally - like pull out the bins.   Add into the mix having to walk up a house to drop off a very necessary thing (because I was in too much pain to drive) and trying to help daughter pack a suitcase for her next residential trip.

The final result of the gradually encroaching stiffness and pain was being unable to move by Sunday lunchtime.  I literally was grabbing at the walls to try to straighten up whilst crying in pain.  Monday was the same.  I called in sick to work (which they will be thoroughly unimpressed with) and iced lots.  I resorted to the emergency sore back exercises I used last time I got stuck, switching between heat packs and ice packs.  But even trying to get to the freezer or microwave was an epic painful journey.

I've been taking co-codamol which makes me feel very dopey on top of the nortriptyline I take (for neuralgia) but I just couldn't stand the debilitating pain any longer.  The co-codamol took the edge off my back pain but I still had an impending sense of herniation doom as the pains slowly crept down my useless leg and the muscles spasmed continually.

Yesterday I woke up a little less pained and more able to move, after lying down until lunchtime, I went out for a very slow 3km walk on flat soft ground. But trying to sit on my kneeling stool for longer than 10 minutes was next to impossible.

Today I'm stiffer and my leg hurts but the back pain is still considerably better.  Shoes and socks are an issue again but I'm thinking some stretching might help that and another walk has helped my back to feel better, but left the leg a bit sore.

I've been to the doctor who has signed me off for 2 weeks, they really don't mess about with this, they know that plenty of rest and gentle exercise is what's going to sort it.  I don't think I'll need 2 weeks off though.  Quite amazing how I can go from excruciating unable to move pain to walking again in 3 days. 

I think it's really important for everyone else around me to realise I'm only 4 months out of major back surgery.  The Guide Guiders have a habit of not taking no for an answer from me at anytime but even HWMBO asked me on the phone on Monday if I was at work - errr hello, I can't actually move.

Whilst I wouldn't wish the pain on anyone I do sometimes wish the people who expect so much of me could feel it just for 5 minutes.  It is worse than labour pains, it is so bad I imagine smashing my leg with a hammer just to break away the pain. 

I'm sure this is just another temporary relapse but life has to come down to a pace my body can cope with.  My wiseoldowl has given me a break from Brownies for the rest of the term, but the other Ranger leader is now on holiday so that is all mine for a few weeks.  There is also a multitude of stuff happening at home that, as always, is left in my hands.

The vicar collared me at a Church Jubilee Parade about going on the Youth Pilgrimage Camp as the female leader with the words "you won't have to do anything other than just be there" - yeah, right! I was still yelling after him "I haven't said yes", as he went away nodding and smiling, saying "that's good then".

How the bloody hell do you say NO and people actually hear you? 

To add insult to the injury, my private health insurance have decided they aren't paying for me to see the consultant anymore.  Clearly they, like me, believe I should be fixed by now too.  I do hope that insurance underwriters are the first with their backs up against the wall when the revolution comes.

Ahhhh, I'm just grumping now, because I was feeling better and I've had a set back.  I'll let you know how it goes.


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