Frustration and Reward

>>  Friday, June 29, 2012

Sometimes I  think 'why do I do this?'

I'd had a night of limited sleep because of back pain, been to the hospital, straight onto work, straight to a school concert.  I had to leave the concert early (something I was really unhappy about as it was a slide show of the Germany tour COG had just been on) to get to my Rangers meeting.

Most of the Rangers are positive, appreciative girls.  A couple are 'exactly the type of girls Guiding is there to help' (also known as a pain in the arse).  I get no respect from them, they talk over me, are dismissive of what I say, yawn, sigh, talk and correct anything that I try to do. 

"This is a rubbish old groundsheet"
"No, it's a new one I bought at the weekend and I need some of you to pay some subs so I can claim the money back!"
"HAAAAA" (sarcastic tone) "someone's drawn all over it"
"Yes, that was me, I spent an hour gridding it up so you didn't have to"

She sat in a chair and turned her back to me as the rest of us got on with the games, but despite wanting to be surly, and despite her really wanting to wind me up (it's her favourite pastime I'm sure), she was slowly sucked into it.

Rangers are great, I set them off on a battleship type experience but one introduced a scoring system which took it up a notch.  By the end of the evening they had turned the gridded groundsheet into a full blown game of BlockBusters, totally self-developed, self managed and run.

I was simply enjoying myself with them and even Miss Surly looked happy for a while. 

She sloped off at the end with no goodbye, just 'that look'.

Bless teenagers, you really have to catch them out sometimes to know they are getting something out of it.  But when you do, it's a great reward.


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