Banned from the Co-op

>>  Saturday, June 30, 2012

If my father taught me nothing else it was to make the best of what life serves you.   No matter where you are you can have a bit of fun.

In the 70s we had nylon clothes and Marks and Spencers had nylon carpets and low shelves edged with metal rails. My mother liked to shop at M&S, for endless hours.  If we shuffled our feet around the carpets and the touched the metal you could make a static spark.  Great.  BUT if you shuffled your feet around the carpets and then touched your siblings ear it really really hurt them. FANTASTIC. Hours of sibling warfare and endless fun.

The local co-op had wide aisles and trollies with the bar on the back.  If you got up a good speed you could make it to the end of the aisle standing on the back and with a lean, get a full spin in on the end.  With Dad in one aisle and me in the other you could have a complete race to the death for the bargain on the end of the shelving.  The manager did not have the same competive spirit for the potato dash.  Finally one sad Thursday lunchtime we were asked to refrain.  I don't have an ounce of guilt and it still makes me giggle.

I've taught my daughter much the same, I was always happy to sit her in the trolley seat and spin her until she was squealing. We have enjoyed setting the alarms on all the clocks in Toys-r-us.

I still love to sneak up behind her no matter where we are and scare the willies out of her.  Again, it comes from my father, time and time again I would be washing up looking out of the kitchen window and he would crawl round and jump up at the window with his false teeth out, I never got used to it but still found it funny (after I'd calmed down) .

So I can totally relate to this guy.  I so want to hide in the clothes racks and  yell 'pick me, pick me'..and those of you that know me well, know I would do it too.

But beyond all things funny, just recently, I have read this so many times and it still hasn't stopped making me laugh.   If you like cats try Missing Missy.


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