It's food Jim but not as we know it

>>  Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm working full time again and the pressure it back on.  I've hardly time to stop to go to the loo let alone cook.  So lunches are mainly porridge, oats and yoghurt or soup.

I've been making a bit of a mess of the microwave recently and found myself eating soup lukewarm despite the fact that it appears to be boiling and spitting a hissy fit in the microwave.
Time for drastic action, unleash the saucepan and empty in something that looks like a dog's turd (it's ok, that's an olde English word).

But I needn't have worried because it cooked up into something looking not entirely unlike child's vomit - so: nom.
I give up, a cup of tea and a loaf of soreen tomorrow it is then!


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