Middle Class Parental Snobbery

>>  Thursday, April 05, 2012

Whilst at Centre Parcs, the capital of the Middle Class, I noticed that every family not in the process of a domestic watches the proceedings of another's domestic with high handed glee.  They appear to forget that it will be their turn next to be the victims of Teen Angst, Toddler Tiredness or Spouse Sulk.

I watched all 3 of those things happening around me, taking comfort in the feeling that I don't stand alone in having an imperfect family.  I heard ...

"don't give me that look",
"turn off the attitude"
"if you are happy tell your face"
 "you are lazy"
 "stop being selfish"

..from many mouths other than my own.

I was very aware of being watched by a table of smug adults laughing as HWMBO got annoyed yet again with COG's attitude.  They smiled at their own teen angels like they never threw a wobbler.  I was planning to stalk them for a while but they appeared to want to do more than sit in one place.  Stalking from a chair with one eye on a book just doesn't work!


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