Jamais Vu

>>  Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Peace, peace, peace, paece, paece, peice,peice,piece,piece

Do you get that thing where if you look at a word (that any child could spell) for long enough it looks wrong and you end up looking up in a dictionary?!

Jamais Vu describes this feeling perfectly, although experts like to call it orthographic incredulity.

Peace and piece are homophones.

Language is a complicated thing and poor communication can lead to dreadful misunderstandings.

Here are pieces of the me that finds the most peace in my life and usually in the loudest of situations.

Please note my Guideresque method of creating the pieces too, Girls in the Lead can achieve anything even without a photoshop plug-in.

Go and see the Gallery for more entries with this week's theme Peace.


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