Sub-Human Vermin - Hate is Taught

>>  Monday, March 12, 2012

I watched Schindler's List on Saturday evening, it's been a while.  It's one of those films that everybody should watch.  I think they should show it in schools.

I was struggling (again) with the concept of the Jews not actually being seen as people.  I understood that they were seen as sub-human vermin, as not counting, but I was still struggling to put myself into the shoes of the Germans and Poles to understand the justification of the hatred.

Part way through the film our little cat brought in a mouse which kitty, HWMBO and myself were chasing up and down the hall.  HWMBO cornered it and stamped, there was a sickening crack of bones and at that moment, as my stomach churned, I understood. 

The damned mouse still ran off, resilient little blighters they are and it shot down the side of a pipe and into the cavity of the house.  Worried it would be chewing through the electric wires as we slept I could only hope that it was dead from it's injuries and not ready to breed.

If the victims of the Holocaust were seen in the same way I see rats and mice, then no wonder they were systematically sent to slaughter.

What is harder to understand is how the world hasn't learnt from the lessons of the past, how the slaughter continues and hatred of people with differences still breeds?

What is worse is, as I was reading around the internet on subject of the holocaust, the sheer number of people that deny the holocaust, applaud it, perpetuate similar atrocities in countries around the world, the sheer scale of hatred in the world frightens me.

Hate is an emotion that eats away from the inside, gnaws like rats.

Hate is taught

One world. One people.


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