I'm pretty browned off with living in South London

>>  Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's quite amazing how you don't realise how much you use water until you haven't got it.
Today the water is turned off. I am fully aware there is no water coming out of the taps so why have I already soaped my hands up 3 times with no way to wash it off.

The washing machine is jolly unhappy because the water went off part way through it's cycle. (If anyone knows how to turn off the Siemens beep from hell please tell me as there is likely to be a news item tonight "lady axes washing machine to smithereens")

The stale pots in the dishwasher fester in a stinky 'I really don't want to open that door again' way.

I didn't shower early because I knew I would take a muddy walk and thought I would shower after that, so I sit here feeling slightly stinky myself.

I was getting rather annoyed with it all until I started to think about people without running water at all (no this isn't an aren't we lucky lecture) and it reminded me of a BBC report I read a long time ago which holds the funniest news quote ever:

"Only two weeks ago we had the power cut. I'm pretty browned off with living in South London."

If only the power didn't go out once a fortnight everything in South London  would be perfect!

Closely followed by:
"I have just brushed my teeth with mineral water. It is like living in the Third World."
Actually no, if you're brushing your teeth with mineral water you bought at the 7/11 - you aren't in the Third World.

I've just sat back on my stinky haunches thinking how happy I am that at least I have power so I'm not browned off in South London! 

Talking of power did you see this?


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