Preparing for Periods and Girl's Puberty

>>  Thursday, March 15, 2012

Starting periods can be a scary thing to happen. Yes, the girls are told the practicals of why and how but there are all those worries about how will it actually feel, when will it happen, will everyone know...there are so many worries for young girls and this is a biggy.  These days girls are maturing younger, periods start anywhere from the age of 8, the average is 12 but it's best to be ready.

Do you know how many girls actually start their periods on residential trips?!  More than you would think!  It's really useful that they are prepared just in case.

I know there are lots of Guiders and mums with prepubescent girls that read this blog and I think this will be useful to share with you. You know I don't normally do sales, but the Lil-lets teen starter pack is a  lovely little cosmetic bag that holds :

4 Day teens ultra towels with wings
2 Night teens ultra towels with wings
2 Lite Silk Comfort compact applicator tampons
1 Regular Silk Comfort compact applicator tampon
3 Lite non-applicator tampons
Plus a small booklet with 'everything a girl should know about puberty and periods'

It's available from Boots for £3.99, either in store or on-line.

Take out the tampons and I think it is the perfect 'keep in your bag in case'. 
I think it's good for them to feel prepared and to get a chance to see and feel the products first, to be comfortable with it.   I couldn't imagine a first timer having the courage to use tampons but isn't it good that they actually get to see them and know what they are like.

I think it's an excellent idea for young girls to have their own but I also think it's a cool piece of kit for a Guide (and Brownie) first aid kit, I recommend you Guiders request a free sample from lil-lets.

Whilst we are talking about preparing for periods, I also recommend 2 books to help:

Girls Only! All about Periods and Growing up stuff by Victoria Parker
I have bought a number of these types of books, read them and didn't give them to my daughter as they seemed "wrong". This one was pitched perfectly when she was 10. There was enough information but not too much. It is based around periods, hormones, spots and body changes. It touches on sex but not in detail and it satisfied her light curiosity without me needing to move onto "the talk". She savoured what was in it and felt happy and confident about it all. She even loaned it to friends. The font is good, the text has a modern chatty feel, it is a good book for girls aged 9-12.

Are you there God it's me Margaret by Judy Blume
This book helped me through a difficult time when I was growing up. I bought a copy for my niece about 10 years ago and then gave a copy to my daughter when she was about 9 (suitable for ages 9-11ish). After she finished it we went bra shopping! (Please don't tell her I told you that.) It voices those 'how, what, when' feelings perfectly, lets young girls know they are not alone in how they feel.  It is another one that did the rounds of all my daughter's school friends.  It was so worn in the end I had to buy a second copy.

And if you want to start an early conversation about sex without having to get all nitty-gritty this is a great book for girls and boys and parents to guide you through the conversation.  The cartoon nudity makes the awkward seem easy and natural, it's factual but gentle and funny.

Good Luck!

*I received a free lil-lets teen kit as a prompt for this post, if you want one just follow the link!


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