Liar, Liar Birthday's on Fire

>>  Friday, March 16, 2012

Lindy at Squidyboo (I like her blog, it feels like watching my life 7 years ago) did an 'On My Birthday' post.

Well I have a confession, I don't ever use my correct birthday on-line,  it's all part of the privacy game, I try to keep my internet foot print a little removed from me in order to make it harder for the less genuine people in this world (Except my white lie isn't really not genuine, I mean 'other' not genuine people).  So I plan to pick a date I really like for this.  (I am me though and I would happy pop over to your house for a cuppa and tell you my 'real, non queeny' birthday.)

I've always been convinced something big will happen to me on the 21st of a month, I expect to die on a 21st.  So we'll grab that.  Hmmmm, month? I reckon February would be superb, as I can ask for all the things that I was hoping to get at Christmas whilst going round the shops saying things like "oooh look at that, isn't THAT luuuuurveeerlieee, ohhhhh I REALLY like that" and then getting a scented candle instead.

So for the sake of argument my birthday is the 21st February 1973 (yes, 1973, what?!  WHAT?!).

Off I went to hunt down the glorious events of my chosen special day (which I now plan to adopt permantly) and was immediately hit with:

Libyan Airlines 144 was shot out of the sky by Israeli fighters.  Well that suits my interest in Air terrorism.

Episode 11 of series 1 of the Wombles was broadcast "The conkering hero".  Remember that? Well, I mean, obviously, I don't, clearly not....cough, cough.

And episode 1263 of Coronation Street - that was too many already even way back then.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by giving you anymore rubbish about my new faux date but if you feel the urge to congratulate me this year then pick the day when if it's wet, it'll be wet for 40 days. (and what ever you do don't google that - I was previously unaware of the 40 days no masterbating challenge and I really don't think the rest of you ever need know.....ahhh, whoops)

Happy Birthday Y'all

No, no, those candles do not say 40 and COG has shrunk a lot recently.


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