Mastectomy without Anaesthetic

>>  Friday, March 02, 2012

I'm not quite fixed (post microdiscectomy).  I'm at day 25 and I still have pain,  I'm supposed to have some but I wanted instant recovery.  My back says ouch and my leg says gnaw. 

All hope is not lost, I can put pants on without doing the flick them over the toe struggle (I suspect old stiff people all go commando).  I have cut my toe nails - you have no idea how satisfying that was.  I also have sat on the sofa to watch a tv program - just the once mind.

It's hard about now not to think it should all be over, 3 weeks after the operation surely I should be able to get running already or at least carry more than 2 pints of milk!  One half of me knows all these things take time but the other thinks shut up moaning already and get on with life.

I'm wondering if I have 'Munchausen by Recovery'.

This letter I read written by a lady who had a mastectomy without an anaesthetic stopped me in my tracks on the feeling sorry for myself road.  It makes for a gory read, how did she get through it at all.  What an incredible woman.  I'll give you a few quotes, but if you can, do take the time to go read it in full:

Then came a gash long and deep, first on one side of my breast, then on the other. Deep sickness seized me, and deprived me of my breakfast. This was followed by extreme faintness. My sufferings were no longer local. There was a general feeling of agony throughout the whole system. I felt, every inch of me, as though flesh was failing.
The doctor, after removing the entire breast, said to me, "I want to cut yet more, round under your arm." I replied, "Do just what you want to do, only tell me when, so that I can bear it." One said the wound had the appearance of being more than a foot long.
For weeks my debility was so great, that I was fed with a teaspoon, like an infant. Many dangers were apprehended. During one day, I saw a duplicate of every person and every thing that my eye beheld.
I am so grateful for the wonders of modern medicine.

I have created a page of links for my Microdiscectomy posts and other links I have found helpful. You can find it here.



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