A Degree in Prostitution

>>  Saturday, February 18, 2012

The NUS estimated that 20% of women working in lap dancing clubs are students and that the number of university students who knew someone who worked in the sex industry to fund their studies has gone up from 3% to 25% in 10 years.

I think this is a worrying trend.  Yes, I appreciate for the lucky few there is a lot of money to be made, with clear choices and high class lifestyle but this is not going to be the reality for most people getting involved.  I was going to say 'girls involved', we always talk about girls when we talk about prostitutes but I'll guarantee this affects boys too.

I think articles like one I read in fabulousmag. will not be helping the case either, it clearly glamorises something that is in reality a seedy and dangerous game to be in.  A free on-line magazine called 'Fabulous' explaining how a student in designer clothes in a high class London restaurant is choosing the men and making £120,000 a year.  Yep, and for every 1 of her there is 100 maybe 1000 girls with the demoralising reality.

How will this affect their relationships later in life, their self-esteem, their sense of worth as a person, not an object to be paid for?

Perhaps the 18 year olds of today are strong, go getters that are just using what they can now to get them by and in later years it will not matter, for some I'm sure this is the case but for many I suspect we will all pick up the bill later with counselling, broken marriages and sadness.

The media isn't helping, glamorising the sex industry.  The celeb culture of must have, need, now.  The glamorisation of sex sells.

This is badly wrong and there needs to be a change in attitude of this emerging generation.

"Anecdotal evidence from a wide variety of informants with first-hand experience suggests that the reality is far more seedy, dangerous and demoralising than students expect. Very sadly, it is often made difficult for young women to leave such a world behind once they have become desperate enough to venture in in the first place." source Oxbridge essays.
I'll  leave you with  a quote from the Scotsman:
"The homicide rate for sex workers in Britain is 12 times higher than for other women; prostitutes constitute the largest single group of unsolved murders. It is estimated that at least 60 in the UK have been murdered in the past 10 years, with only 16 convictions"
Something 'Fabulous' failed to mention....the advertisers probably didn't like that snippet.


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