Women Objectified

>>  Sunday, January 08, 2012

You know that our young adult's self esteem is something I am passionate about. I have spoken about air brushing before and how our children are growing up with such unrealistic models that there is no way they will ever meet the expectations they place on themselves.
This is a short video that explains very succinctly what is going on, how we are all being manipulated.

If women didn't feel the need to have breast implants (excluding mastectomy rebuilds - I'm talking vanity not illness) they wouldn't need to be having them taken out.

Why did they feel it was necessary to be enhanced to begin with? How are you going to help teach the next generation that they don't have to be enhanced that they truly are worthy exactly the way they are?

Please remind your children that health and fitness is what matters and that they are already the most beautiful people.


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