It would be like eating off a toilet seat

>>  Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do you always wash your hands after going to the toilet? "of course" I hear you all chime in unison.

We all know toilet seats are a sordid den of germs right?  Well, there's worse.  Yes, my current time waster of choice with a capital T led me straight to 11 things germier than a toilet seat

Do you wash your hands every time you touch a hotel bed spread?  You should, bodily fluids abound.

What do you do with your handbag when you go to the loo when out?  I try to put mine on a hook, hooked over my shoulder (awkward) or on knee but god forbid it should go on the floor.  I never ever ever put it on the kitchen work surface or table at home though.  Do you?  The bottom of a handbag is seriously germ laden.  (Pseudomonas, staphylococcus aurous, salmonella,e-coli, fecal contamination)

The cash machine keypad?  I suspect all the keypads we are punching our pin numbers on.  Watch the man in the queue before you as he picks, flicks and then touches the pad. Euwwwwwwwww. (Bacillus Cereus)

The office telephone, or the office anything, particularly keyboards.  Did you turn yours upside recently and give it a bang?  That's the gross you can see.

Here's one I hadn't considered before: Restaurant menus and condiment containers.  The flu virus can survive for 18 hours on a hard surface.  Who held that menu before you?  You've touched the flu bugs and now you're going to pick up that bread roll.  (Started to think about your salt and pepper pots at home yet?  how often do you wipe them?)

Shopping trolley handles!  Coughing,  sneezing caught in hands and pusssssssssssh. Children sat inside trolleys (not the seats actually in them) with dirty shoes and then in goes your partly wrapped baguette  (E. coli, salmonella, and Staphylococcus)

How about your steering wheel?  You push the trolley back to the bay, climb into the car and drive off.  Germs transferred again.  Now you're holding a snack whilst you drive home because the small of cooking bread all round the supermarket means you are starving hungry. (bacillus cereus, arthrobacter)

Got to go burn it off at the gym.  You'll be needing to touch all the equipment then. Seriously you should see the germs they found on the gym equipment including MRSA.  Well you got to scratch that itch whilst working out, then moving those bugs around.

Don't even start thinking about the kids at the playground, they found human poo, bird poo and the usual viruses on those monkey bars.

You feeling like getting up and washing your hands already?  Think about how clean your tap handle is? your hands are dirty as you turn it on : raw meat, eggs, poultry.

All this has reminded me of the Scout I caught (fully clothed I might add) weeing in the shower tray at Charnwood Jamboree and when challenged he said "but everybody does it don't they?" *sigh*

To be quite honest once you think too hard about it all it's amazing we are all alive at all but seriously I've got to go shower now and I'll probably have a bottle of dettol in there with me until I can get these images out of my head.

You too?  You're very welcome!

Read the original report here:  at mental_floss.


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