>>  Monday, January 16, 2012

Well all I have going around in my head right now is:

Baldrick: I, too, have a cunning plan to catch the spy, sir.

Edmund: Do you, Baldrick, do you...

Baldrick: You go round the hostipal and ask everyone, "Are you a German spy?"

Edmund: Yes, I must say, Baldrick, I appreciate your involvement on the
        creative side.

My current consultant has thrown in the towel and handed me off to the next contender in the long waging war to fix my broken back.  Given how quickly I'm going downhill I don't stand this one's chances much either.

Have you ever googled your symptoms?  Don't.  Big mistake, huge.  Generally you end up with either cancer, MS or ME.  It doesn't matter what you start with the symptom safari outcome is always one of those 3. 

I have diagnosis so googling the cure should be safe right? Wrong.  I have never seen so many morbidly depressive forums of people saying "yup tried that, didn't work" and "the operation crippled me, never walked since" etc etc.  I did find a forum where one guy said his recovery had gone quite well, but he was flamed out for being positive and happy, I am deadly serious.

So things aren't looking so great!  I think my post rate is likely to dry up to a drip as I'm finding sitting fairly impossible now and I have to save my tolerable minutes for the fun stuff like paying bills.  I can however, read blogs whilst walking on the treadmill holding the ipad so expect badly typo'd comments coming your way.


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