>>  Sunday, January 29, 2012

I had an interesting conversation today with my voice activated telephone banking system. Where I went from sane person to Mrs Ranty yelling "no I don't want to pay an f'ing bill, OPERATOR, OPERATOR, no I don't want a bloody balance, I want an OPERATOR"

I know there is more to the Scottish independence question than people painting their faces and yelling Freeeeeeedom. Although you mustn't tell NB I said that. But everytime it is discussed I do internally hear Mel Gibson shouting.
Stick with me here.

Today, as I yelled "OPP..ER..ATE..OOOOOOOOOR" down the phone I remembered the 'Scottish Voice Activated lift'.

I watched it again and what do you know, they yell "FREEEEEEEEDOM" at the end.  This isn't going to help me get all politically correct aboooot this one.


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