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>>  Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's been a while since I managed to make it down to this village, I did a 10k round walk today .  It was a lovely day, too nice to turn back sooner so I bravely marched on.

This gateway on a cottage with rambling roses amused me.  The first is a 'welcome' sign, the second is 'beware of the dog, enter at your own risk'.  Not quite my definition of Welcome!
It's always a bit of a 'moment' when you enter a field and you have no idea where the next post is to walk to.

I have always turned right at this aqua-duct but the sun on the other side was inviting so I carried on through it.

To a whole new world to me.  It was lovely.  Unfortunately after a while I realised I had no chance of getting home on this path without adding another 3k to my already long walk and there was going to be a huge hill to boot.  I turned back.
I was happy to see this familar sight as I came up to the water and ready for the trudge home.

I was sad to see flowers in memoriam by the canal side, the grumpy old fella that always grumbled at the black dog I walked because it chased the swans had died.  Turns out his name was Grahame and he had many friends by the water side.  I had mixed feelings, he always made me feel uncomfortable when I walked passed but that was a familiar part of my lonely wanders, a known unknown. 


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