Child Murderer Murderer

>>  Thursday, October 06, 2011

In February I posted about the murder by a fellow prisoner of Colin Hatch.  I felt no sorrow.

In fact I said "I wonder if they could put the same prisoner next to Ian Huntley's cell".  Someone had a damn good go at him once too."   Well it turns out it was the same guy.

The BBC report says "Prosecutors described how Fowkes, who the court heard showed "strong psychopathic traits", chased Huntley around the healthcare unit at the jail, brandishing a weapon."

I'm sure he does have psychopathic traits but to be perfectly honest I think I could chase Huntley around brandishing a weapon.

Let's not forget this was said about Hatch:

"Det Supt Duncan Macrae, who led the murder inquiry, described Hatch at the time as a frighteningly cunning criminal. He had pulled the wool over the eyes of the authorities and would kill again if he was ever released, Mr Macrae said." 

So again I weep no tears but what strikes me as most odd is having tried to kill Huntley, why was Fowkes put within striking distance of another target.  Why did they put an attempted child murderer murderer with another child murderer. 

But then perhaps the very nature of many of the criminals in the high security prisons means that there are very high risks for those most despised for the very worst of crimes.  This week Mitchell Harrison was found dead and disemboweled in another prison here. He was only serving 4½ years for raping a 13 year old girl.

There truly are some dreadful people in this world.  Abusers, murderers and vigilantes all.


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