A word that rhymes with orange...

>>  Friday, September 02, 2011

Orange is my favourite colour, I only found that out a few years ago.  I was very happy, I'd never had a favourite colour before.  Once I realised it was orange a lot of things started to fall into place.  One of which is it makes a lot of sense that this is my favourite time of the year.

It was a beautiful evening, I went out for a hobble after work.  The fields around are all a glorious orange!

The sun seemed to forget it should be in the sky at one point and decided to have a lie down on the grass. 

 I spoke to it sternly and it agreed to go back up and set the way it is supposed to!
The beauty alongside the tagged post seemed worthy of a picture.

And the sun got on with doing what it does so very well.

oh yes, there isn't a word that rhymes with orange*

*sporange doesn't count smart arse, shoo, go on, shoo


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