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>>  Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This week's Gallery subject 'animals' came at an interesting time, our Hamster lays panting away, it has clearly had a stroke and needs to be put out of it's misery, I'm not taking a rodent to an out of hours vet to fund his second Ferrari but it's so very hard watching the poor wee thing suffer.  I was pipette feeding it water but decided to see it out a better way,  10mls of brandy will at least help it to sleep it out.  One voice on my shoulder yells "it's a rodent" but the the other half is sat with a quiet tear rolling down my cheek wishing it would just give up and let go.

Pets cause worry. Like finding the missing cat in the switched on shredder.

Realising the kitten is in fact chewing, not on a phone sock, but on a power cable.

This is Thomas that wanted to get just that little bit closer to the birds and then my kitten decided to follow him.  I was in too much of a panic and only afterwards thought "dang! missed a photo opportunity"

The hamster that mysteriously went missing. 
So back to the current hamster issues, if you are faint hearted dear reader please imagine a dead hamster looks like this and close the page now.
....because the rodent I had to deal with wasn't half so cute and, even with my hard-heartedness towards all things rodenty, had me in tears.


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