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>>  Friday, September 09, 2011

Kindness is good for the soul.

It was a hard start with an early school bus (which can be as stressful as a late one!)  and a difficult commute (including being chased for 3 miles by an angry driver because I had made a genuine mistake on a roundabout).

I carried this rocky start for the whole day, dutifully passed this general grumpy feeling onto hubby, as is my way, and I guessed I would be going to bed feeling pretty miser-a-bubble too.

I opened my blog reading list and saw this and my mood was altered.  Blogging can create such extraordinary connections.  People you would never otherwise have had the opportunity to bump into, are within reach and so many people out there are so very nice.

Dust Bunny did something (again) that made me feel happy, but I know her well enough (I think) to know that she felt good before I even opened that page.  She knows and feels the joy that comes from giving.  Not necessarily material, just loving your neighbour as yourself.

You can give immeasurable joy without even knowing it. When you smile at the person in the street, you might have been the first of the day. When you hold the door open for someone you might make them feel good or when you let someone into the traffic queue because they really need a break that morning.

But today I feel as special as a special thing because someone valued a comment enough to remember it and it caused a ripple a year later that came right back 4200 miles.

Our Walnut Tree
How could that not leave me smiling.


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