Herb Give Away (with a huge Spider thrown in)

>>  Saturday, September 10, 2011

The bulk of my vege patch this year turned into a herb patch. They are (almost) indestructible, zero maintenance and yet you can still say things like "oh yes, I keep a plot for growing my own" or "it tastes so much better coming straight from the ground" at dinner parties and your nose not hit the person over the other side of the table.  (Although they may hit your nose for saying it!).
I've got a Grown your Own Herb Garden Kit from Wish to give away on my review blog.  Just pop over and leave your name and email in the comments.

Oh, for the thrown in Spider, how big is this? 

Very is the correct answer.  I served it an eviction notice yesterday.    It refused, so I arrested it, unintentionally breaking two of it's legs.  I expect to be hearing from it's lawyers or the court of spidery rights shortly.  PS it's either a girl or a friend of Boy George, it was so big I could see it's eye makeup quite clearly.
Now go enter the competition, I suspect it'll be my last !


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