The Mother In Law Cometh

>>  Wednesday, July 06, 2011

In 9 days my Mother-In-Law is coming to visit for a while.  We have a love-hate relationship, well without the love bit really.  So I expect it's going to be the usual barrel of laughs.

I have decided to prepare cue cards with all the answers to the stock questions I get:

Yes, I probably have gained a little weight since we last met.

No I don't know when he last had his prostate checked, could you ask him yourself?

Yes, I am going to eat that.

Yes, I am hungry again, we have a habit of eating more than once a day here.

Yes, we are still happy, no signs of divorce yet, sorry.
Actually, I've never used the last one yet, but the rest are all pretty much par for the course.  So one of the few things that will see me through it all is my daughter's relationship with her.  Daughter has none of the resentful background to stand in her way of simple pleasures of being with a Grandparent.  They do get on.  So I started sifting through photos trying to find one that showed the togetherness and this is the best I managed:

Then I remembered this photo.  It's a different Grandma and it says everything about their relationship together.
Children gain so much from the Grandparents. It is always a relationship worth nurturing.

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