How to impress your Mother-in-Law

>>  Saturday, July 23, 2011

Well, the best quote of the week was:

"isn't she an awful woman"
errr hello, I'm still in the room.

There is no useful context, it seemed to come totally out of thin air, almost like she was thinking out loud! So I'm still not making the best impression.

I found a website, 7 ways to Impress your Mother-In-Law:

1) Ask for a recipe
      I'm guessing it will involve a lettuce leaf but I'll give it a go

2) Keep a tidy house
            Well with 2 of us off to Jamboree in a week, there are piles of stuff mounting, but it's clean stuff!

3) Admire Her
             Oooook, I'll try to find something before she leaves.  My admiration tends to be based around personality not weightlessness so I'm struggling here.

4) Ask to see Photos
             Well the last photos she brought over included the ones of him and exs, not very subtle.

5) Invite her over
              Well, at least I passed this one.

6) Ask her Advice
             I'm stumped, truly stumped.

7) Treat her son well
               I'm doing ok as a wifey.  He has no idea where the cleaning products are kept, has only a vague awareness of the iron and cooker and generally spends his weekends with the AFL and beer.  I feel he's not overly hard done to!!  Problem is he puts on a remarkable show of 'can do' when MIL is around, mainly to cheer me up I think but I'm guessing it doesn't pay off well in my 'impress her' stakes!!!

Any wise words of advice anyone would like to add to help me score brownie points next week?

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