Bitter by Design

>>  Monday, July 25, 2011

I want to talk to the person that designed this coffee machine. 

Note how the cup is placed central to the place specially marked for the cup.  Note how the nozzles the coffee comes out of is not above the cup. Note how I cannot put the cup under the nozzles because of the raised metal made to get me to put the cup in the correct place.

How hard was it for the designer to make the coffee actually hit the cup?  It's not like it's a multi-tasking machine.  It only has to get coffee into a cup.

There are so many one task machines that seem to fail to do the one thing they are designed to do.  But this one to me really takes the biscuit.  I would take the biscuit if I had coffee in my cup to dip my biscuit into.  Guess how much I need my coffee on a Monday morning to be this upset about an offset cup?!! But I'm not bitter!

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