Did I mention that I've been ill?

>>  Thursday, June 23, 2011

No probably not, because I've been too busy to admit it. First there was Guide camp, then London with the Brownies, then Dinner for Fifty. All this on top of a huge project at work about to go live, so I'm doing 50 hour weeks plus the mother, wife, housekeeper and bottlewasher so I've not really had time to be ill.

First my back went, badly. I had to stop running.
The pain killers interfered with other medication I have to take and off I went on a spiral of tiredness, pain and depression.

It's all finally caught up with me. A huge argument with HWMBO and the air is knife cutable. A jolly jipe of a comment on Facebook was taken badly and I offended a friend. After apologising more than ought to be necessary (context is a killer on both Facebook and Twitter) I sobbed, body heaving sobs for a good 20 minutes.

It's all become a bit much really.

I've dragged myself out for a run, pain or no pain.  I have given up arguing with medical insurers and I am going to see an Osteopath regardless.

I will try to look for a silver lining in my life but the Mother in Law is about to fly in. There is another camp looming and a holiday to prepare for. My uncle's illness is hard on the closest members of my family. Well it still all feels a bit much really.

Thank you for listening, if you made it this far. Normal happy service will be resumed shortly.

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