Blowing Your Child's Trumpet

>>  Friday, June 24, 2011

Do you blow your child's trumpet?  I tend not to.

We do of course big up her achievements at home but I've never had the burning desire to shout it out loud on social media or at the school gates.

I have endured lengthy discussions episodes of being talked at by mothers telling me how well Darling Dylis is doing, what fantastic results she got, what set she is now in and for added measure what part she got in the school play.  I tend to nod and make the appropriate 'I am impressed' noises and face.  They then look at me with expectation of sharing and I give nothing back.  I refuse to play child achievement tennis.

The same goes with Facebook, I watch friend's status' shouting out the glory of achievements of their children and it irritates me.  I've no idea why it does, it just does. 

I mentioned before about a glib comment recently getting me into trouble.  A friend announced in very bantered fashion the school sports day achievements of their child.  Now I like this friend and I was pleased for child but instead of saying so, I commented "not in it for the fun then?!"   It annoyed her.  Fail as a friend.

I feel it's a bit like saying 'I love you' all the time, it takes away the true sense of importance of it.  It's almost like announcing it on Facebook devalues it, I like to just put the certificate on the kitchen wall and let people notice, if they care to.  But is there any difference in that?

It's a shame, maybe I'm not teaching my daughter to value her achievements in the same way that I have obviously not learnt to value my own.  Or maybe I'm just not able to show her how to be outwardly proud and share with all (and sundry)?

Perhaps it's time to start to big her up, just wondering if that's the part where you prepare for the fall?

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