Iceland : A Necessity?

>>  Monday, May 23, 2011

WARNING: Please note this post is completely free of facts and truth and is based on a misguided and biased opinion i.e. mine

So another of Iceland's volcanoes is erupting.  I remember reading a tongue in cheek comment somewhere on FamilyMatters (which is a must read) suggesting that Iceland should be invaded and the recent eruption has me pondering whether Iceland's existence at all is entirely necessary. 


1) The Cod Wars : I mean fancy a nation expecting exclusivity of it's own waters when we have to stock chippies on a Friday night

2) Volcanoes : The more advanced European nations seem to have silenced their volcanoes and generally put large works of art on anything high enough. Allowing dust belching of this nature seems remarkably selfish in this day and age.

(Nb one of these has nothing to do with a volcano and one isn't in Europe - go figure - can I blame that on Iceland too?!)

3) It is a nation based on Viking genes ...ahem...not wishing to mention anything similar around the rest of Europe

4) The Icelandic Government seem to think that the best way to deal with owing 4 Billion euros to the British and Dutch is to ask the Icelandic people if they would like to pay it back themselves.

I was wondering, being as the ecosystem (and more importantly our few opportunities for a sunny hol) are likely to be shot to pieces yet again by their volcano, whether it would be too much trouble for our gun-ho friends across the pond to do what they do best and remove the nation from the landscape. No silly messing around with land army and gentle toys - a simple obliteration will suffice.

That way we can have no worries about being able to fly.  We can sunbake abroad whilst moaning about the bloody foreigners, the complete lack of HP sauce and generally being the bane of our fellow European's lives. I mean just imagine Budapest or Prague without all the British drunks vomiting in the streets (see what I mean?!)....perhaps we could offer some amazingly cheap stag and hen deals in Reykjavik just before removing it.

There is one small worry I have : Is Noggin from those parts and are we prepared to lose such a fellow?

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