Countless insignificant acts are significant – they do make a difference.

>>  Sunday, May 22, 2011

As Guiders we were looking what we had done so far this year:

"I went to New Zealand with a group of Guiders" said an older Guider
"I took a group of Guides to Italy" said another

The rest of us went a bit quiet really, after all I had simply been to my Brownie nights (and not all of those!).

"A 14 year old in my Ranger unit rang up a restaurant and booked a table for us all" piped up someone.

Now that is a great achievement we all agreed!

And so is this.  One of our County units and our County Commissioner made it into Hello magazine. (You'll have to click on it to see them on the right)

Guiding is relevant to today's girls. Thanks to the leaders who made it happen, one unit of Guides had an unforgettable experience with the best views of the Royal Wedding.

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