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>>  Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Notes is asking in the I ♥ Me series this week  "What are your favourite things?"

There is only one answer I can give :  Breakfast

Everyday at home I get up early to have time to cook breakfast.  It may be ham and eggs, pancakes or just porridge, but me and daughter always eat together and if HWMBO is still in the house he joins in too.

But really my most favourite breakfast is a hotel one.  I love to sit at linen cloths with a paper, be delivered a pot of tea and toast.  To wander up and pick out fruit and cereal and then a little scrambled egg and tomato washed down with a second pot of tea whilst picking out musings from the papers and discussing them...sheer luxury.

I recall so many of these luxuriating moments and yet have no photos from any.  Clearly I'm too 'in the moment' to even contemplate finding a camera.

I do have a picture from the best ever breakfast. My most favourite Australian family, friends and other animals were travelling en masse through Europe.  We went to London to meet with them and so did more Australian friends and the hotel breakfast was the most glorious occasion.  A togetherness, a celebration of a new day, a time of sharing....bliss

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