Lie Back and Think of England

>>  Sunday, March 13, 2011

We've had a plumber in every weekend 6 weeks running (don't ask), he turns up every Saturday and Sunday at 9am, leaves at 6pm and appears to do very little in between. But yesterday he gave us a treat, he said "10am tomorrow" whoop, whoop..a lie in! (daughter is at dad's)

We both work full time, hubby get up around 5:30am, I get up at 6:15am, there is little opportunity weekdays for getting jiggly (if you catch my drift) and we are morning people!  So this morning was like a date night, a rare opportunity in the current stress train that is our life for some luuuuurving.

9:26 (not tantric I know but hey!) hubby climbs out of bed to shower, he wanders naked onto landing to grab a towel from airing cupboard to be faced with the plumber staring through the front door!  Nottinghill moment!!  He runs back into bedroom and swears.

I grab dressing gown and go let plumber and plumbers mate in!

"Sorry, I though you said 10am today"
"No plasterer is 10am, 9 for me!"
"ahhh, sorry, I was just lying there thinking I could have 5 more minutes"
"Makes a change from thinking of England!"

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