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>>  Thursday, March 10, 2011

A while back Tara at Sticky Fingers did a review of MyNameTags iron on name labels, I commented about the general unreliability of iron in labels and MyNameTags sent me some of theirs to show me they are different.

Back down on a comment, moi? Not without one hell of a battle so I put these labels through one hell of a trial.

What takes the biggest hammering in my attire, well it could only be one take heart dear readers as I bought new M&S white cottons for your enjoyment!

I sewed in a cotton label, ironed in a previously bought label, wrote in laundry marker and ironed in the new MyNameTag label (funky isn't it!).

No one is going to steal my knickers and get away with it now!

I gave them a wash wear week like pants have never seen before.

The sew on label is starting to pucker (but I guess that's down to my bad sewing).  The laundry pen is already washing out.  The 2 iron on labels are still going good but the original type I had is already starting to fray and peel.  Annoyingly the MyNameTag label is exactly as it went on.

And actually these labels are different, they don't have a material feel, they blend with the garment so there are no itchy bits...I have to say they are better.

FINE!  I'll show them I thought!  They also sent me some sticky labels.  I gave them the iphone test. 

A week of permanently in my hand, smeared with marmite (don't ask), make-up, grease, soap.  My iphone takes a battering and the damn sticky label did not move, peel, wear, anything really.
So I admit defeat!  These iron on labels and stickers are better than the competition.  They are going to last and last.  I would still have a supply of sew-ons for making loops on towels (that's a whole Brownie Pack holiday labeling post in itself) and coats but I'm a convert and the people have won my custom.  

There is a massive choice of background and text colours, different fonts and pictures.  These aren't just for labeling kids clothes.  These are for teens stuff (funky fonts and colours), adult stuff (my friend's mum's clothes keeping disappearing in the Nursing home laundry) but my final money goes on the stickers! I like to have a handy supply for lunch boxes, water bottles, rulers, calculators, anything that walks out of the house really.

And if you bump into me in the street and want me to prove a point just ask to see my knickers :0)


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