Do your gym clothes reveal your age?

>>  Friday, March 11, 2011

I go to circuit training twice a week at different places and I've started to notice that the clothes different people wear tend to fit the decade I would guess they were about 18 in.

There are the ladies in their jersey joggers, fitted cotton pastel t-shirts and head bands. I know they sadly left their leg warmers at home and they started exercising as teens in the 80s to the Jane Fonda workout.

The men in their short shorts and white t-shirts. They are teens of the seventies. Too tight shorts and beards.

The teens in the 90s lads in their footy bottoms and band shirts, I always wonder if they shouldn't be in bed already they look so young and then worry as I watch their muscles flex that there is a cougar in me trying to get out!

There is a separate sect that cross the age band boundaries, the runners. The Lycra, dry fit clad with fluorescent stripes. I sit in that group and feel like a pretend runner with a vpl to worry about.

So what is the correct clothing to wear that means you can invisibly slip into the sweating crowd and not make a statement about your age?

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