Woman Flu

>>  Friday, February 11, 2011

My guess is the man flu morning thought is "Eurgh I feel lousy, cannot possibly move, must rest, need care"

Yup and so they lie down in front of the TV with a box of tissues and make mild whimpering noises until you pat them on the head and produce lemsip.

So this morning I woke up and thought :

"Eurgh I feel lousy, have to get H ready, wonder if I will get away with a simple plait, head hurts.
No darling, only toast and cereal this morning.  Bones hurt.
Must go to work because we have to go school trouser shopping after school and if I phone in sick someone might see me but I could shuffle hair appointment to another day so I only have to deal with one after work thing.  Feel dizzy.
Must get white wash in this morning because plumber in tomorrow and water will be off.  OMG,  my bones ache."

How do men manage to just turn off life?  If I don't take her trouser shopping, she has to do another week of precariously sewn, could rip any moment, only pair that fits her trousers.  If I don't get shirts washed today they won't be ready for Monday.  If I don't...etc etc etc  My life doesn't seem to have an off button!

Oh well, at least I've thrown in the running towel for a few days, I needed that rest!

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