How many bags is normal?

>>  Saturday, February 12, 2011

Having asked y'all how many pairs of shoes is normal?  I decided to clear out my bag cupboard (yes I'm very organised, I have a cupboard for everything!).

I was rather disappointed at my hand bag collection, I thought it was way more self indulgent than that:

Only 26! Although I appear to have a red and black thing going on.

But this really confused me, why can I never find what I want in the cupboard?  It's my backpack fetish..27 backpacks and sports bags..twenty bloody seven!  (and that doesn't include the ones in the camping gear or the sports bags that we are actually using right now).  I can't get rid of any though, you never know when one of that particular size or colour will come in handy!
Think I may need to address the handbag colour skew, time to go hunt out a perfect blue one!  And do you know what, I'll still use the same old green one day in, day out!

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