That's the Wonder of Me

>>  Thursday, February 03, 2011

I stumbled upon Notes and this week's  challenge to 'Tell us something Wonderful about yourself'.  A very hard thing for many woman.  In fact the self deprecating thoughts of "oh but I'm crap and generally screw stuff up" are so predictable it's not even funny.

So I pondered, and I pondered and I pondered some more and then I worried about how I can recall every failure, every 'that came out wrong' and all the things I have tried to be and never quite managed and I suddenly felt like I had walked into a huge room of fantastic feeling because I realised:


I always mean well, I always want others to be happy, I want to support other people, make them feel better about themselves, help others achieve their goals and dreams and that is ok because supporting them is my goal and dream.

Yes, the words sometimes come out wrong and I say things meaning well that don't fall in the same way on the other person.  Yes, I failed to turn up to Guiding events sometimes.  Yes, I have let friends down sometimes but those failings turn me into a true person with flaws that tries harder every time to get it right next time.


Actually now I think about it, I'm doing ok!!

Thanks for listening!

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