How do you Blog?

>>  Monday, February 07, 2011

Notes is asking in the I ♥ Me series this week 'How do you blog?'

Mainly at the PC was my first thought, but that isn't true.  Because they are sometimes:

Scribbled titles on the back of a supermarket receipt "If I don't write this down now I'll forget it"
Emails to my home address from my work address "If I don't get these words out of my head I can't concentrate on my work"
One liners on iphone notes or on voice recorder "because I saw it in a paper or heard it on the radio"

Sometimes it starts from a photo :  "There's one for the Blog"
Sometimes it starts from a conversation : "That's one for the Blog"
Sometimes it's from an Emotion : "I need to get this one out of my head"
Sometimes it's because I feel an idiot and sharing and laughing sort of eases it.

Sometimes I sit on one evening and reel off a number of blog posts that have been going round in my head.  I currently have a number of draft posts I've written and have never published because the moment past. I will publish the one titled "Iceland: A necessity?" one day!

Sometimes I will spend an hour here and an hour there rewording, rewriting but rarely, only on those where emotions are the primary source.

Sometimes I sit and cry whilst I write them because they mean so much to me and have greater depth and importance (to me) and then nobody else reads them or comments and I feel a right nelly!

Sometimes I schedule them, usually with a holiday looming.  I wrote all of my mid-December to Mid-January posts in early December and scheduled them right through, because we were in Australia.  I knew an interweb break would be healthy for me so I took away the pressure.

On the technical blog I add things that I have been unable to easily find the answers to on the net.  This one is new and hard work because it has to be accurate and helpful.

But mainly I sit down write a bit about what happened or tickled me, stick a picture with it and really hope that somebody else reads it and enjoys it.  I hope you do.

(Oh and how does a full time working mum with a traditional husband find the time to do this : I gave up watching TV!)

Actually, I think that whole post was far to serious so I've decided to drag out my most favourite gratutitous laugh photo, enjoy!

Then it concerned me that this guy might be offended by the use of his pic and I wanted to point out he actually has a well toned bum and this is a damn good look in comparison to similar.

Then it completely worried my that this could be me in a few years time, but then as daughter says, nobody's looking anyway!!

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