Todder training: Let your yeah be yeah, and your no be no!

>>  Thursday, December 02, 2010

I feel that toddler training is coming back to this house.

I've always believed that good discipline comes from being clear about boundaries.  Setting clear boundaries and explaining why they are there has always worked in this house.  When I say 'yes' then it happens.  When I say 'let me think about it' or 'lets talk it over' there is a possibility.  When I say 'no', I mean 'no'.

And that no has always been listened to but I've noticed that conversations are starting to be punctuated with "oooooh, go on", "pleeeeeeeeease", "but everybody else is" and so many more.

My response so far has been "begging has never worked before, and you've had my reasons" but I'm starting to wonder if I need a new tact.  I wonder if I should go all Hattie McDaniel and just yell "when y'mama ses no, y'mama jusa plain meens no" or whether I need to extend my negotiation skills a little further.

Any of my regulars ready to proffer advice, should I dig in harder than Haig or do I need to go slightly more Churchill?

Let's spin the disk whilst we think about it!

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