(In)Appropriate Swearing

>>  Sunday, August 01, 2010

I know I have touched before on the usefulness of the f-word.

I urge you to go read that last link, go on...I'll wait..

I often have to think about not swearing, I fell into bad habits at an early age (I blame my friends!) and sometimes under stress, extreme fun, loss for words, general interjection, I let slip.

Now the people in Pays Basque pride themselves on their culture and language and it felt a lot like Wales. You know where you walk into a shop where everyone is happily jabbering away in English, they realise you have walked in and they start talking Welsh.

The Basque people were not very forgiving of my poor French. I managed to buy return train tickets, I managed to work out the times, the cheapest fare, by I could not work out how long we were allowed to get off for and which trains the ticket was valid for on the return. We sat on the train near a Swiss family who were having similar trouble. The French people around refused to catch my eye or proffer help. It was very frustrating.

You may also know that Europeans (those not the correct side of the English channel) do not know how to form an orderly line or queue. My complete lack of understanding of the ticket and the fact that I was being barged from all directions whilst trying to get off the train left me with only one thing to say....


...and the looks I got! "ahhhhh yes, y'all understood that" I muttered.

"ooooh mum" pipes in daughter "you alliterated!"

Does that make it any less vulgar?....could rhyming let me off the hook?....no I thought not!

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